Everybody Will Be Talking, single channel video, 8:54, 2019

Everybody Will be Talking: A video performance from Wedding in Disneyland

Everybody Will be Talking stems from Witt’s ever expanding digital archive of tabloid magazine covers where images of celebrities are overlaid with headlines such as Harry & Meghan’s HONEYMOON ALBUM! and Jen’s Heart Break DUMPED. Through experimental performance, Witt considers the futility of performing one’s identity for a prescribed plot that follows a pair of lovers played by two stars of the capitalist system. It underscores the humour of celebrity culture, revealing the disturbing fallouts that seep into the not-so-famous life of everyday—the cult of personality, mass obsession, public spectacle, a lack of privacy, and the ubiquitous presence of performing for the camera.




Secrets, Body Issues and Affairs, 65 inkjet prints on gloss paper, 2019

Installation at the University of Waterloo Artery Gallery

Secrets, Body Issues and Affairs is a photographic performance series that reenacts images from Witt’s digital archive of tabloid magazine covers. Magazine covers are reconstructing the crisis of the feminine and what women should be. Witt's restaged images skirt a line between fact and fiction, as the Photoshop mistakes reveal a disconnect from reality.



Below is a selection of images of the 65 images

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